Call Center Wake-Up Call

Call centers can be the best—and worst—piece of each corporation. Your call center representatives are the frontline. Your best representatives. The face of your corporation.

Unfortunately, they can also be your biggest liability.

While the call center model offers increased customer service opportunities, it can also be the hub for a tremendous outflow of sensitive data. Consider the types of information that call center representatives share during a call:

  • addresses
  • birthdays
  • account numbers
  • account specific information
  • social security numbers

Now consider the cost of a security breach, if a social engineer gained just one of those seemingly innocuous pieces of information. In 2009, the cost of a data breach in 2009 averaged $6.75 million—or approximately $204 per compromised customer record. That is why every financial institution is required by GLBA to address the threat of pretexting—social engineering hurts business and customers.

Stridepoint's Social Engineering Prevention Program

We are security awareness and security consulting experts, with particular expertise in call center security management and have worked with call centers of every size, in every industry.

We are also professional, ethical hackers—and 1 out of every 3 calls we make results in a compromised account. Fortunately, our experience has allowed us to develop proven methods for social engineering prevention.

Security Awareness Audit

Discovering weaknesses within your call center environment is the first step to social engineering prevention and strong data security. Stridepoint offers the most comprehensive social engineering and pretexting audit in the industry. We test the two main weaknesses in your defense against pretexting:

  • employee behaviors, and
  • weak authentication procedures.

We can help you find out what is bad, what is good, and what need immediate attention.

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Security Awareness Training

With so many employees answering so many calls, management should take care to ensure that customer service representatives understand and follow strong authentication procedures. Check out some of our most successful web-based security awareness training courses:

« Security Essentials Online Training Course
« Social Engineering Online Training Course

Security Awareness Campaigns

Keep your policies and procedures out front with eye-catching security awareness posters and flyers, security awareness newsletters, reinforcement tokens, and more.

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Let us develop and strengthen your employees through web-based training, and make your customer support center a model of both efficiency and outstanding customer service.

Build a stronger call center authentication system.

Every single piece of data is worth protecting. Let us help.