Social Engineering: For Management Training

Your employees may be your greatest asset—or your greatest liability. Social engineers are savvy and will choose attack the most vulnerable employees with pretext calls and phishing emails. This is why security awareness needs to start at the top, with managers and executives who understand the threat of social engineering and address that threat with clear security awareness policies and procedures. Stridepoint Training’s Social Engineering for Management online course will teach you about the threats and how to stop them.

All Stridepoint Training courses can be used with our learning management system or with an existing learning management system already in use. In either case, our security awareness training courses can improve your employees’ training and development, help them prevent fraud, maintain data security, and make social engineering prevention a part of your corporate culture.

  1. Introduction to Social Engineering for Management
  2. Identifying the Dangers
  3. What Information is Target by Social Engineers
  4. How Social Engineers Build an Attack on your Employees
  5. How to Know if Your Employees are Easy Targets
  6. How to Know if Your Company is an East Target
  7. How to Build a Solid Defense

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