No more pricy bells and pointless whistles. Stridepoint Training’s hosted solution strips course delivery down to the basics, and makes it really easy to deliver training to everyone who needs it.


We can load your users in whatever way works best for you. Send us a list, send us a spreadsheet, or let our hosted solution easily integrate with your personnel management system.


We can assign a course to an individual or a group—or we can set up course campaigns with multiple courses for each employee.


With one click, each employee has access to his or her personal landing page, populated with every course and every type of content required. Each employee’s login is the gateway to the audio, video, simulations, and interactive training that will improve their knowledge of privacy and security awareness, and ensure their compliance with policies, laws, and regulations.


If certificates are an important part of your employees’ e-learning experience, then our hosted solution can provide custom certificates that allow users to document their success.


View every user, every group, every course, and every campaign—in real time. Download any reports and easily share the information.


We’re available to assist—anytime. Anytime you need to add or deactivate employees, assign new courses, or make changes to anything in your training system, we can make it happen. You can also automate employee changes if your personnel management system is tied in to our hosted solution.

Use Just What you Need.

Other training companies upcharge for all kinds of built-in features that you probably just don't need. We don't think that's fair, so that's not how we operate. Our hosted solution provides you with just the features you need and we never make you pay for a bunch of "extras."

The Stridepoint Training hosted system does what is important, and it does it right:

  • Load and manage users – one at a time or thousands at a time.
  • Deliver robust, interactive, and engaging training to those that need it, when they need it.
  • Track each employee’s progress and comprehension.
  • Match your corporate branding and style guide for a seamless user experience.