Time’s Up. You Must Address Human Error on the Work-From-Home Network

The stay-at-home orders issued in March left many businesses scrambling to set up their employees to work from home.  Company networks suddenly expanded well beyond the security of the office network and physical walls.  For many companies, they rushed to…

The Delivery of Your Package is Delayed…Or Not
The holiday season brings an increase in online shopping, to the great delight of cybercriminals.  Even though package delivery scams occur throughout the year, their number increases around the holidays.  The scammers prey on knowing that consumers are expecting the...

Message from the President: Effective Security Awareness
An effective security awareness program needs these three things.

Cyber Security Linguistics – Cyber Insurance
As cyberattacks increase, especially ransomware, an increasing number of businesses are purchasing cyber insurance.  But what is cyber insurance?

Security Fact or Fiction: Spam Filters
I don't have to worry about phishing emails because I have email filters.

Message from the President: Working from Home
Security awareness can't take a hit just because your employees are working from home.

Cybercriminals Love Black Friday, Too
It’s that time of the year, again.  The spiders, skeletons, and witches have been traded for turkeys.  For some of you, the boxes of Christmas lights and decorations are already out, waiting to be unpacked.  Now that Christmas is just...

Protecting Data from Social Engineers
The amount of data that organizations are collecting and storing is dramatically increasing.  Organizations collect consumer data that they need for business purposes, as well as data that “might” be useful in the future, but currently does not have a...

Phishing for Money–Business Email Compromise
Cybercriminals use business email compromise (BEC) as a common avenue of attack for businesses of all sizes.  For BEC, attackers combine the compromise of technical systems with the tasks that employees would complete in their normal flow of work to...

Staying Safe During the Holidays
As we look forward to the Holiday season, we must recognize that November and December are fraught with an increase in cybersecurity threats, not just Black Friday deals, family, and an abundance of food. Here are some of the top risks...