Annual Security Awareness Training Doesn’t Work.

Security breaches are at an all-time high. Your employees are constantly under attack. How can you ensure they are always prepared to protect themselves and your business from attacks that are constantly changing?

For years we have been told that the solution is annual security awareness training. But why hasn’t this helped stem the tide of data loss events? Why are employees still unaware of the threats out there and how they should respond? Why don’t most companies have a strong Culture of Security?

Once-a-year, check-the-box, static, and unimaginative training has almost no effect in increasing your employees’ security awareness. There is almost no chance that your employees will carefully review or retain any information from an hour-long annual course. In fact, the research is clear: the completion of awareness content and retention of key information is almost 100% when it is delivered over time in small segments.

Relay merges 15 years of real-world experience in the Human Side of Security™ with cutting edge learning methodologies.

Our team of security experts working in concert with our team of professional educators create engaging, current, and to-the-point security awareness media and phishing simulations which are delivered to your employees in bite-sized pieces on a regular schedule. Relay develops engaging videos, compelling infographics, and interactive micro-learning sessions that are proven to work and are always addressing the most current threats and trends.

Security Culture Dashboard

Tracking and reporting security awareness has always been a challenge. The Relay dashboard and reporting tools give you a real-time view of your employees’ security awareness posture.

The Relay dashboard shows employee awareness of key learning objectives, retention of critical security information, and ability to recognize phishing and other social engineering techniques – in a word, the state of your Culture of Security.

Easy Employee Adoption

Relay’s bite-sized sessions are delivered “in the flow of work” to ensure that your employees are up to date with virtually no interruption to their daily tasks. This method of delivery has yielded almost 100% completion after the first notification, with a 94% satisfaction rating reported from end-users.

Relay micro-learning results are clear – easy consumption of awareness training, reliable retention of key information, and total adoption by your team.

Micro-Content and Gamification

Relay’s engaging videos, interactive micro-lessons, phishing simulations and knowledge-checks typically only take 1 to 3 minutes to complete.

New content and refresher sessions are delivered in a scientific manner throughout the year to ensure your employees are always aware of the latest threats, confident in their role in security awareness, and making a meaningful contribution to your Culture of Security.


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