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We know your employees can be hacked. You do too. Let’s take care of this.

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Did you know that 95% of data hacks against businesses are done via social engineering? Data thieves target your employees by using phishing, vishing, portable device theft, dumpster diving, and other tactics – all designed to trick your employees into giving up sensitive corporate and customer data.

“Many of the most damaging security penetrations are, and will continue to be, due to Social Engineering, not electronic hacking or cracking. . . Social Engineering is the single greatest security risk in the decade ahead.” — Gartner

How do you win against these hackers and data thieves and keep your business safe? It starts with knowing how secure your people are. You test and monitor your technology, but what about your employees? Are they up to the challenge?


Using our social engineering audits to get started, our experts will review your existing security policies and provide industry best practices that will drastically improve your security posture.


We provide the only audits that combine strategized phishing tests and real calls from security specialists to uncover a true view of how your company stands up against threats.


Tailored to the contact center environment, Stridepoint can help you strike the balance between security and customer service.

You’ve invested in technology to stop hackers, but have you given attention to one of the greatest sources of data loss – your employees? Stridepoint helps you focus on The Human Side of Security.™

Discover Your Weaknesses

Are your employees ready for a perfectly crafted phishing email? How about a convincing pretext phone call? Would their unwillingness to confront a stranger cause them to allow unauthorized personnel into your facility? We can help you find out. Stridepoint performs the most comprehensive social engineering audits and assessments in the industry. Each one provides practical information about how an attack against your organization could occur, and how your employees would respond.

Address the Threat

Every organization and every employee could be the target of a social engineering attack. Do your policies and procedures take this into account? Does your security awareness training prepare your employees for an attack? We can help you craft effective and sensible policies and procedures that will address security awareness and social engineering. We’ve also developed the most relevant and engaging social engineering security awareness training available, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of your employees.

Build a Culture of Security

Many organizations only make security awareness a focus once a year and seldom evaluate how their employees would perform under a social engineering or phishing attack. Employees lose interest and forget most of what they’ve learned between training sessions. We provide the most advanced social engineering audit available and an incredibly effective ongoing, fully-managed security awareness program to build and maintain a true Culture of Security Awareness.


We’d like to have a conversation about your progress in building a secure culture. Just need one course? – we can do that. Only need an email phishing campaign – we can do that too. Just need a security audit? – Of course, we’re the best in the business. But our passion is helping you with each stage of your security awareness journey and being your go-to when it comes to making a cultural shift within your business. Let’s talk!


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